CSR Initiatives

Bringing smiles on the faces of our children

“Each one of us has the power to be the change we want to see in the world, making the world a better place”.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are very wide. As part of this, Cholan Tours wants to involve itself in areas like education and empowering the womanhood, inspire the lives of the under-privileged and thereby lend a hand in the upliftment of the society.

Through this initiative, we can make a better place for everyone to live.

We have formed a charitable trust by name 'Hope'. We contribute a part of our revenue to this foundation. The main aim of this trust is to bring education to the reach of under-privileged children. We are continuously working on this initiative in bringing a 'better tomorrow' to the society by nurturing a child's life with basic education.

charity begins at home

Our other CSR initiatives

We have undertaken many a initiatives that make an impact on the environment, employees & community. We also voluntarily eliminated practices that harm the public sphere.

going paper(less)
We have reduced paper works in our office. This is to contribute to the Eco-friendly environment.
women first
We already have the highest ratio of women staff compared to male, in all our offices across India.
work at home
For those professionals who seek better work-life balance, better health and stress-free life.
empowering team

Events, Seminars & Celebrations

We promote on-the-job learning, as well as variety of programs designed to develop specialized skills of our team. We also conduct seminars and cultural fest to encourage bonding.