Vanakkam Madurai

Experience Madurai as it is !

Out of the several activities, the clientele enjoy the most is the Walking Tour arranged in prominent tourist destinations. The cities which have been the ambassadors of Indian Heritage and Culture and at the same rejuvenating themselves with modernity are selected for this tour. The tourists will be escorted by a team member and the tour will be for a span of two hours at the dawn or during the day time. This is an attempt to portray the real life scenarios of the people to the foreign clientele. The tradition of India not only lies on the historic and grand palaces and temples but also on the livelihood of a common man on the streets. Madurai, Mumbai, Calcutta and Varanasi are some of the cities where the tradition and modernism are in the right blend and the tourists are greatly enthused during our walking tours.

It is a Private interactive walking tour, This walking tour starts at dawn (6 am) and extends up to 2 hours (6am to 8 am) to offer an unique and genuine experience to immerse your clients in the culture and everyday life of an Indian city. Escorted by one of the members in the Vanakkam Madurai team (1 Escort will be available for every 4 pax), your clients will indeed get synchronized with the place and the people. Your client will understand what they see every day, when walking in an Indian city - the society on the whole, different roles of people, age old traditions that are still alive, habits of people, street vendors, local homes, markets are explained and introduced in a very interesting and involving way.

  • Duration: 2 Hours   Time slots: 6 am to 8 am
  • Recommended: For all    Suitable period: Any time of the year

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