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Travel Experiences

Travel is broadly defined as one getting to know thyself facing new experiences. Mere visiting a destination will never make your tour to India complete. The choices are plenty if you aim at exploring the country with its complete essence.

India, the vast land loved by the tourists across the world, has a bit of everything you look for. Mountains, valleys, lakes, oceans, forests, deserts, temples, monuments, palaces, forts, culture, cuisine, art and what not? You name it and India has it. You can add pep and more merriments during your tour to India with the varied list of experiences awaiting you at every tourist destination.

Look out for trekking, mountaineering, bike rides in the wonderful hill stations of India lying along Western and Eastern Ghats, underwater sports in the seas and oceans, houseboat cruises in the backwaters, exploring the centuries old tradition and culture through the monuments and palaces, know the heritage of the country in the temples. Enjoy the culture and cuisine which varies from region to region kindling your interest to know more.

Have a cup of steaming chai amidst the lush green tea plantations, feel at home in a homestay accommodation, enjoy every moment in the tented camps in the unending expanse of the deserts, ride at the back of the elephants and camels, the list goes endless.

Make your trip to India the most cherished one, take back memories which are always close to your heart !

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