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Our Team

23 years ago, we were a team of two & now we have more than 200 travel professionals in the team, all locals largely living and working in the part of India from where they come. So, we have local knowledge of climate, road conditions, special festivals and events and unusual places in parts of the country

Our Team - Chola Tours Pvt. Ltd.
  • Our whole team is available online for any kind of instant assistance in India.
  • Our drivers are efficient in transforming an itinerary into a real-time experience by adding their personal touch of service. They are experienced, courteous and reliable. They will show you the most interesting things along the way, often the hidden highlights of the trip.
  • Having a network of our own offices in many cities and towns throughout the country means that you have more points of contact with our Company and our Tour Managers who will assist you as required.

Our company’s strength lies in its team of professionals who make the guests’ trip unforgettable. Our drivers are proficient in different routes/ capable of explaining the places that you see along your way.

We take pride in saying that we lead the way by setting world class standards of service delivery in the tourism industry. We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to make their Travel Experience Wonderful!!

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