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India Tour Itineraries

Experience the Real India !

India is a magical land with glorious past and vibrant present and most importantly endless list of treasures still possessing the charm and grace of age old traditions and culture. India is home to many of the longest surviving traditions and practices, which are quite surprising to know about.

A first time traveller to India always gets amazed to look at the magnificent palaces and forts, beautifully architected temples housing intricate sculptures and figurines and the featured destinations dotted across the country, and it is hard for one to interpret the history behind those incredible structures and locations.Travelers visiting India gets connected to her for no reasons and try to follow their dreams of exploring India towards its roots. Not all succeed in their attempts as India has many facets with deeper insights of traditions, culture and values, which kindles the interest of the global tourists to look for more interpretations in their subsequent journeys to India.

Planning to tour across India will include options to explore the culture, traditions, lifestyles, cuisines, languages, festivals, monuments, palaces, forts, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, beaches, hill stations and the list goes on. Obviously no one can explore India fully even after spending the entire life span owing to its diversity in every aspect. And India Tour itineraries is an idea to introduce India and its various perspective to the domestic and international travellers in the form of predefines tour plans. We strongly recommend that these itineraries can be taken as guidelines for a travellers to perceive an idea of exploring the country. The ideas you put forth can further be transformed into tailor-made itineraries by the seasoned tour consultants associated with Cholan Tours, which will surely surpass your perceptions about India.

Have a glance at the most popular Indian itineraries listed here; Share your ideas with us !

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