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CSR - Giving Back To Society

Bringing smiles on the faces of underprivileged children

“Each one of us has the power to be the change we want to see in the world, making the world a better place”.

CSR - Chola Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are very wide. As part of this, Cholan Tours wants to involve itself in areas like education and empowering the womanhood, inspire the lives of the under-privileged and thereby lend a hand in the upliftment of the society.

Through this initiative, we can make a better place for everyone to live.

We have formed a charitable trust by name 'Hope'. We contribute a part of our revenue to this foundation. The main aim of this trust is to bring education to the reach of under-privileged children. We are continuously working on this initiative in bringing a 'better tomorrow' to the society by nurturing a child's life with basic education.

Charity Begins At Home

Cholan Tours is very keen in optimally utilizing the natural resources in all forms. Besides, We have undertaken many initiatives that make an impact on the environment, employees & community. We also voluntarily eliminated practices that harm the public sphere.

Initiatives At A Glance

Going paper(less)

For an organization like Cholan Tours, the usage of paper will be very huge. Anticipating the ill effects of using the papers, Cholan Tours has transformed fully into Digital mode which has reduced paper works in our office. This is to contribute to the Eco-friendly environment.

Cholan Tours has transformed itself fully into digital mode and has now become paper-less company. This is to contribute to the Eco-friendly environment.

In South India, we are the only company following fully E-governance and we stopped using papers long ago. We operate completely on solar energy and generate 18 kilo watts of power on a daily basis, have got excellent engineering to save every drop of rain water etc. By having socially responsible orientations such as environmental, social, and governance practices, through our commitment to ethical Behaviour, we have created a balance between the needs of shareholders and the needs of the community and environment in the surrounding area.

Cholan Tours trusts that Corporate Social Responsibility is to regulate ourselves & to be socially accountable – first to ourselves, then to our stakeholders and to the society on the whole.

We will definitely be more responsible in the upcoming days by shifting towards more genuine and authentic CSR and contribute positively to address urgent global, social and environmental challenges.

Women first

Cholan Tours strongly believe in women’s representation in the company as it helps us meet both business and CSR goals. The statistics say that we already have the highest ratio of women staff, in all our offices across India. Cholan Tours takes pride in empowering the Women.

Woman as Women

Woman are expected to forego their career especially after marriage due to many reasons. Cholan Tours wants to open up avenues for such woman to pursue their career, being at home. This will be an ideal choice for those professionals who seek better work-life balance, better health and stress-free life.

Why Work from Home ?

CSR - Chola Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Cholan Tours strongly believes in women’s representation in the company as it helps us meet both business and CSR goals. Regardless of how smart women are in their professional life, they are expected to forego their career for many reasons, once they are married. So, Cholan Tours would like to support those professionals who seek better work-life balance, better health and stress-free life. This initiative will open up avenues for such women to pursue their career remaining at home.

Experience in Travel Field

Women who already have worked in travel field shall be given first preference


Cholan Tours also would like to extend its support to Ex-servicemen by giving job opportunity to woman dependants in their family


  • Good spoken & written communication skills (English)
  • Spoken Hindi preferred.
  • Proficiency in any other regional language (covering Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi etc.,)
  • Age above 25 years, up to 50 years.
  • One should possess a laptop.

Employment Terms

During your employment with Cholan Tours, you are strictly prohibited to accept work elsewhere, thank you.

Interested women from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, please write to

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